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Altar Servers: Video

Altar Servers

We are training altar servers for St. Jude and Our Lady of Lourdes Parishes.

The commitment of an alter server includes the following:

a. Participating in training sessions

b. Serving at week-end masses (when needed by the parish)

c. Serving occasionally at weddings and funerals and other special services

The qualifications of an altar server include the following:

a. Must have adequate knowledge of the parts of the mass

b. Must have received his/her First Holy Communion

c. Must be in fifth grade (11 years old) or higher this school year

If you are interested in becoming an altar server, please contact:

Our Lady of Lourdes: Patty Zocolo at (330) 831-1598
St. Jude: Mrs. Anna May Hatch at (330) 482-2351

Altar Servers: Text
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