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Parish Council

Serving as a member of the council requires a commitment to daily prayer for fellow council members and the parish. It also means a frequent reflection on parish life framed by the two-part question “How is Saint Jude and Our Lady of Lourdes Parishes experiencing Christ and what could we be doing to draw us closer to God and one another?”

The thoughtful and prayerful response to that question will inform our discussion as a council and bring us closer to where God wants us to be. Listening to other parishioners between council meetings is another key responsibility. Active listening and receiving observations, ideas, and questions with patience and openness will help to shape the work of the council.

Many important works have been initiated and supported by members of the PPC, especially outreach, educational, and social programs. The PPC is an invaluable help to the pastor in assessing the needs of the parish, ways of meeting those needs, as well as planning for the future.


St. Jude                                                                                                                 Our Lady of Lourdes

Meet 1st Tuesday (Nov., Feb., May., Aug.)                                                       Meet 3rd Tuesday (Nov., Feb., May., Aug.)

at 7:00 pm                                                                                                                      at 7:00 pm

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