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Understanding the Sacraments

God longs to be a part of our lives, and His Holy Sacraments are a means by which He accomplishes this.

Through the seven Sacraments, God strengthens our faith, furthers our sanctification, and assures us of His faithfulness.

When we understand and learn about the Sacraments in a deeper way, we will see them as more than a ritual or tradition, but as a gift God has given us to experience His grace, and in the Holy Eucharist, the greatest of all the Sacraments, His sacred body, blood, soul and Divinity

Mother Angelica, a person of great faith, wrote about the Sacraments in a unique and beautiful work of prayerful reverence called, “A Quick Guide to the Sacraments”. This work has been compiled into an abbreviated resource for you called, “Understanding the Sacraments”

Through this eBook, you will gain a greater appreciation for all seven Sacraments and God’s abundant graces available to you through them.

Get the free eBook with Mother Angelica’s spiritual wisdom, “Understanding the Sacraments”, by clicking the link below!

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