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St. Jude Apostolates


Caritas – St. Jude

Caritas of St. Jude is an apostolate that serves the needy in our parish and our community. We give assistance for utility, rent, or medical needs. We sponsor a community meal on the fourth Thursday of each month for people in need of food and /or fellowship. We maintain a food pantry that is stocked by donations from our parishioners. Food assistance is given when requested. We also distribute food boxes at the community meal and at Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you are interested in helping to meet the mission of this apostolate, please contact Nancy Tompkins at (330) 482-9330.


Joy Apostolate

JOY seeks to serve the members of St. Jude Parish who are experiencing a time when they could use a little extra nourishment. We strive to feed the body as well as the soul as we provide meals - upon arrival of a new baby - at the death of a family member - for individuals who find themselves in a difficult circumstance, upon request. We also give the baby quilts at baptism. We meet once a month. Contact Anna Myers at 330.503.3811 or Becky Baker at 330.770.3531.


Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

This is a time of silent prayer in the true presence of Jesus. Adoration has two effects: the first is personal, where over time, we change just by being in the presence of the Lord; and the second is social and communal where we will begin to think of others more. St. Jude has Adoration every Friday from 9-10 AM; and on the First Fridays from 9 AM - 6 PM. Volunteers spend an hour in the presence of Jesus on First Fridays. Contact the parish office at 330.482.2351.

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Welcome New Members Apostolate

This apostolate helps make our new members feel welcomed by inviting them to an orientation event and a Meet and Greet. Anyone is welcome to join. Contact Lori Wojton at 330.651.1688.


Prayer List

The Prayer List is published and distributed weekly and consist of anyone who would like the members of St. Jude to pray for a specific need. The list consists of people from all over the country, not just our own parish members. If you have a request, contact the parish office at 330.482.2351.

Church Woman

Vocations Apostolate

The purpose of the Vocations Apostolate is to create an environment in our parishes where vocations can flourish through prayer, awareness, education, and support. We also support our seminarians on their journey toward priesthood. Those with a heart for vocations are invited to join. We meet on an "as needed" basis. Contact Mary Ann DeRhodes at 330.651.1792.


St. Jude Women's Guild

The Women’s Guild started in 1953 before there was a Catholic Church in Columbiana. The group’s primary purpose was to build a Christian fellowship. During the “mission” years of our parish, when Masses were held at the Joshua Dixon School, we took turns preparing the altar for Mass and laying out the vestments for the priests. Today, the Guild supports many charities in addition to the many projects done at St. Jude. Members meet the first Wednesday of the month in the St. Jude Activity Center. New members are always welcome. Contact Barb Gallo at (330) 271-1561.


Knights of Columbus - St. Jude

Our purpose and mission is Catholic faith formation, financial protection, and family resources that can help men grow as fathers, husbands and leaders with the Knights. You can be the man you want to be and your family needs. To become a Knight, you must be 18 years or older, be a practicing Catholic (able to receive the Sacraments). There is no specific time required, but volunteering your time is important to any organization. Our council meets on the second Thursday of every month. Meetings last between 1 and 1 1/2 hours. For Knights, Supreme offers online training. Also, most men learn by attending meetings. Contact Grand Knight, Charlie Troll at 330.549.9522 or any Knight can offer assistance.

Colorful Envelopes

Parish Mailings Apostolate

This apostolate gathers together when our parish has a large mailing to get out. Volunteers fold letters, along with stuffing envelopes and placing labels and stamps on the envelopes. Commitment is "when needed" and takes 2-3 hours depending on the number of helpers. Contact the parish office at 330.482.2351.

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Funeral Luncheon

Families of St. Jude are offered a free luncheon and a time of fellowship when a family member passes away. The meals are prepared and served by members of our parish, and food is brought by members of the parish. Anyone who can prepare food or come to the parish for preparation and serving can contact the parish office at 330.482.2351


Hospitality Sunday Apostolate

A great oppurtunity to gather after the 11:00 AM Sunday Mass and visit with friends or get to know fellow parishoners over a light snack. Anyone interested in helping with this monthly ministry, contact Patty Beard at 330.719.1930.

Writing Letters

Greeting Card Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to show members hat they are important to their church family. Responsibilities include having cards signed and addressed by the third Sunday of the previous month. This will take 1-2 hours a month. Anyone can join. Contact Mary Farina at 330.482.2351.


Building and Grounds Apostolate

Members help to improve the grounds of the parish by performing unskilled and semi-skilled jobs. They also evaluate the building and grounds to determine when repairs, additions and remodeling are needed. If you are interested in becoming a member, contact Jim Farina at 330.301.3180.

Gift Wrapped

St. Jude Gift Shop

The purpose of giving a gift of our faith from our heart to the heart of a loved one, a friend, a neighbor, or someone needing support and prayer is to express love. Contact Lou DeNiro at 330.774.3365.


Eucharistic Minister to the Homeound and Nursing Home

By the Corporal Works of Mercy, we are called to visit the sick and imprisoned. Through visits, prayers and sharing the Body of Christ, we can keep these brothers and sisters connected to our faith community and their healing through prayer. Home visits and Nursing Home visits can be weekly or biweekly. Leading a decade of rosary, personal prayers and social connection are so meaningful. If you are interested, please call Rosella Baker at 330.853.3730. All are welcome.


St. Jude Security Apostolate

Church Security are present on church grounds to monitor potential threats and protect the people attending the church services. They are trained to observe and oversee large crowds and spot disturbances. Members must be approved by Father David and will trained according to parish protocol. Contact Cindy Bussard at 330.207.7263.

Prayer Candles

Art and Environment

It is our mission to enhance the beauty of our church environment by decorating for special holidays to honor God in His House. Special emphasis is given during the Christmas and Easter seasons. Anyone is welcome to join. Contact Ro WIlcox at 330.986.6286.

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Vienny Cenacle

An important part of the Vocations Apostolate meets in the Conference Room at St. Jude every Friday at 10:15 AM (after mass and adoration) to pray for priests and vocations.

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