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Memorial Red Rose

Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church is pleased to announce the acquisition of additional property adjacent to St Mary’s Cemetery. With this purchase we were able to expand our cemetery and are offering 400 grave sites and 72 columbarium niches for sale.
St. Mary's Cemetary
1156 Brookdale Avenue
East Palestine, Ohio, USA

3 month “kick off sale” JULY, AUGUST, & SEPTEMBER

Grave plots: $700 parishioners & $750 non-parishioners

Columbarium Niches: $1,100 A convenient 6-month payment plan will be available.


Founded in 1886 when Msgr. Treiber purchased three acres on the back road to Unity for St. Mary’s Cemetery.  The first burial took place on February 17, 1887, for Mr. Albert Shaffer, 27 years old.

For several years the cemetery has been sold out and we have not had graves available for sale.  With Father David Misbrener arrival as Our Lady of Lourdes as Pastorin 2020, he had a special interest in renovating St. Mary’s cemetery and in 2022 was given to opportunity to purchase the newly developed privately owned cemetery adjacent to St. Mary’s Cemetery. This purchase provided us with 400 graves and a Columbarium which will have 72 niches for cremated ashes. Once again, we are able to offer parishioners an opportunity to purchase Holy Ground to bury their deceased loved ones, Give thanks to God for the gift of earthly life and the call to eternal life which the Father so generously shares with us in Christ Jesus.

Located on Brookdale Avenue East Palestine, Ohio the cemetery has been operated by our parish since 1886.


For additional information please contact Patty Zocolo at Our Lady of Lourdes church office or call 330-831-1598.


We thank Father David Misbrener and our church community for making this expansion possible.


Cemetery Council under the direction of Father Chad Johnson

Mike Hannum, Co-Chair

Jane Knight, Co-Chair

Barbara Benkowski

Richard Benkowski

Terry Zocolo

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